Sunday, February 28, 2010


Another fun/easy St. Patty's Day wood craft. If you couldn't tell already I {love} wood crafts!! They are easy and add so much! So here is one I came up with one afternoon!!! :)
Item's Needed:
5 blocks- all were scraps just different sizes
1 sheet of green St. Patty's Day scrapbooking paper
Green & White paint
Paint brush
Sanding block
Letters I R I S H printed out from Microsoft or another word program
Step 1: take your 5 blocks and paint them all white
Step 2: Cut out your letters IRISH Step 3: Trace the letters onto your green St. Patty's Day paper.
Cut them all out!

Step 4: Ink/Distress Ink or my cheap way ;) stamp pad your letters!
Step 5: Take your green paint and your paint brush... put a dot of paint on the center of the brush and streak (I'm sure there is another word for that :) your blocks.
Step 6: Ink the edges a little bit
Step 7: Mod podge your letters onto your blocks, push them down firmly and make sure there are no air bubbles! :)
Step 8: Mod podge a thin layer on top of all the letters.
Step 9: Glue a few buttons on a couple of the corners of your blocks. Add ribbon if you want!
Step 10: ENJOY :)


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  1. ok wow all that stuff is so cute! I freakin love it those blocks. girl you are too much! i love it!