Wednesday, February 17, 2010

~Noisy Tag Square~

I found this somewhere on the web but I can't remember where I saw it! But it is a very simple, cute idea for a gift for a baby! Babies love noise, and tags or things to grab and suck on. So this is perfect!
{noisy tag square}
Items Needed:
Old Wipe Bag
2 squares of material (whatever size you decide to do your square)
Sewing Machine
Step 1: Cut a square out of your old wipe bag...however big you wanted
Step 2: Trace the square on your 2 different materials *Trace on the wrong side/back side of the material.
Step 3: Cut your strips of ribbon....I did 8 strips.
Step 4: On the front side of one of your your it with the cut parts to the edge...if that makes sense. (You also fold your ribbon in half so it makes a loop)
Step 5: Place your other material on top....face down
Step 6: Then place your wipe square on and pin all three of them together.
Step 7: Sew around the edge of the square about 1/2 in. in. But make sure you leave a small opening open so you can turn it inside out.
Step 8: Turn it inside out poke out all the corners
Step 9: Fold in the edges of your small opening and pin it closed...then do a top stich around the whole square to sew the whole thing up. I did a zig zag to add a little cuteness!
Front & Back

The best part is the noise! They will love it! :)

{noisy tag square}


  1. Tara I love it! I may have to pull out the sowing machine. :) I'm not a sower at all. :)

  2. Gee ... it's cute little things like this that make me wish I had one to make it for :)

  3. You are amazin :) I'm so excited to finally get some time to do all these crafts!!!! Soon, soon things will a little less hectic :) Then you better watch out! I'll be sending you all kinds of pictures :) OH! And hey, will send me an invite to follow your other blog? :)