Monday, February 22, 2010

Scripture Power!!!

Here is the tutorial for the Scripture Bags. My kiddos love these and they are the perfect size for them to carry! I found this on SugarDoodle and changed it a bit but I love them!! Enjoy :)
{scripture bags}
Item's Needed:
1-31/2 in by 5 1/2in. canvas tote
heat n' bond
emboirdery floss
Approx. 4x6 in. piece of fabric
Large Initial printed onto paper
Step 1: I used Microsoft Word and went in and enlarged the letter C in a cute font and then
printed it out on paper. Cut the letter out.
Step 2: Trace around your letter carefully onto your fabric of choice
Step 3: Cut out your Fabric letter
Step 4: Trace your fabric letter onto the Heat n' Bond and cut it out as well.
Step 5: Follow the directions on your heat and bond to bond your letter onto the front of your canvas tote.
Step 6: Take your emboridery floss whichever color that matches your fabric
Step 7: Sew around the edges of your letter to secure it extra good!
Step 8: Take different ribbon that matches your fabric and tie 4 to 5 pieces at the base of the handle.
Step 9: This is optional...I {love} buttons so I of course had to add some on the corner!
Here they are!! Scripture Power!


  1. darn it .. its cute and easy .. meaning I cant say no to doing it :)

  2. dang girl..those are freakin cute!

  3. Those are soooo cute! You are so very talented! I love this idea!