Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Baby Boy Gift/ GIVEAWAY!!!

Here is a cute/simple Baby Shower gift idea for a sweet little boy. You can also change a few things in it to suit a girl as well!!
Baby Boy Gift
Item Needed:
1- small crate (I got mine at walmart for 1.00)
1- Super cute Wipe Case
5-6 Diapers of any size
2 burp clothes ( I made mine with extra flannel I had)
1 set of Johnson's travel/diaper kit (Lotion, diaper rash cream, baby wash...etc..)
Tissue Paper (Optional)
Card for the New Little Addition and Mommy... ( I made mine out of scraps that matched the
blue and brown colors).

Step 1: Take your diapers/ burp clothes...and tie extra ribbon or matching ribbon around the centers of them to embellish them up! Take your crate...peel the sticker off the front of it...( A cute idea to add to the front of the crate would be the babies name if you already know it =) ).
Step 2: Arrange everything nicely in the crate.
Step 3: You can do it with or without Tissue paper...I did it with both and decided I liked the tissue paper in it!
Fill out your card and there you have it! Super easy/quick baby gift that they are sure to use and love!! :)

To win you need to leave a comment on this post...any type of comment. You have until New Years Day to comment and I will pick a winner who will get a boy or girl diaper wipe case..there choice..similar to the one pictured below!!! Good LUCK!!!

Hope you all have a fun and

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wipe Case Cover

So I found this SUPER cute Wipe Case Cover idea on a few different blogs...I don't remember the names of them for sure! I have also seen them for sale at a couple of Etsy shops..but being the "frugal" person I am decided to try it myself. We do have a few upcoming little ones who are entering our families! So what better gift then a SUPER cute case of wipes with a package of diapers or something!!
Items Needed:
Approx. 1/4 yd. of material (flannel works great)
Small rectangle piece of batting to cover the top (Mine was no thicker then 1/2 in.)
2 yds. of Rick Rack or other Edging
Hot Glue Gun/ Glue
12- 14 inches. of coordinating ribbon
Embellishments (Buttons)
Step 1: Take your material and lay it flat/ color side facing down. Open your wipe container and lay it flat as well. Take a pen and trace around the outside of the wipe container...(I traced about 1/2 inche out around to give it enough to come up around the edges).
Step 2: Cut out around the lines you traced on the material...and then cut down the center so you have 2 pieces (A top and a bottom for the case)
Step 3:Trace or Cut around the top of the wipe case for your batting.
Step 4: Using your trusty hot glue gun....glue the batting to the top of the wipe case...(it does cover up the little snap lid that opens on top if you bought the Huggies brand case).
Step 5: Now glue your Top piece and Bottom piece of material on the case and glue snuggly around the edges of the case like so....
Step 6: Still with your hot glue gun...Glue your "rick-rack" or edging around the edges on top of the material.
Step 7: Continue this all the way around on the top part and bottom part of the case... (I started mine in the back and went around and met back up with where I started..then did the same on the bottom so they followed the same zig zag..If you know what I mean :) ).
Step 8: Take your ribbon and measure it to fit on top of the case. You can glue it on down the middle...1/4 down from the top or 1/4 up from the bottom whatever you chose to do!
Step 9: Take your embellishment A.K.A. your button/buttons and glue it on over the ribbon. I also did and 8 with my extra Rick rack and glued it under the button to add a little more texture!
Step 10: Enjoy your SUPER SUPER CUTE case and let everyone in on HOW EASY it is to make them!! ENJOY :)
Step 11: Go and make a Girly one as well...I made this for my little one! She will love it!!
Give as Baby Shower gifts or what not?!?
Soon to come the Baby Boy Shower gift I am putting together?!?! Maybe I will do a giveaway in the near future of one of these SUPER cute cases!! Keep your eyes open and be sure to comment!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

SuGar CoOkIeS!!

Sugar cookies are a tradition in our home for the Holidays and I love them!!! The kiddos love to cut...frost...and decorate them!! Here is a SUPER yummy sugar cookie recipe that I have made since I was a kid!! Enjoy :)
~Sugar Cookies~


2 cups of sugar
2/3 cup. of margarine
2 Lg. Eggs
1 tsp. vanilla

Cream all above ingredients together

Add: 1 cup. sour cream

Cream together.

5 cups. flour
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. nutmeg

Sift together... Add sugar mixture... then add flour mixture. Alternating until it is all mixed well.
Dough will be soft!
Chill....Roll...and Cut out!!

Bake at 350 Degree's for 8 mins
Cool...Frost and Decorate!

Friday, December 25, 2009


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that you were all with those you love most!!! Here is a quick/easy Holiday treat idea!! So cute and sooo easy!!

Items Needed:
1- bag of small powdered donuts (Can be done with large donuts as well)
1- small bag of orange slices
1- tube of gel black writing icing or Choc. chips
Step 1: Cut your orange slices into little triangles for the snowmens noses
Step 2: Take your powdered donut and put the little orange slice nose in the center of the donut.
Step 3: Take your icing or choc. chips and make the eyes and the mouths. The icing worked better for has a little trouble sticking but did ok!! :)
Step 4: Fill a plate and take them to someone!! Our family enjoyed them!! Super cute!! :)
Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dear Santa....I can explain....

Such a cute and fun craft!! Fun to hang up for Christmas time!!

Dear Santa...I can explain...

Items Needed:
1- 1x6x16
Paint Brush
Mod Podge
Scrapbooking paper
Sand paper
Vinyl or Rub-On Letters

Step 1: Thoroughly sand you board down, and paint it!

Step 2: While it is drying.....cut your squares of paper to fit on your board (Mine has 3)
Step 3: After your board is completely painted and dry. Mod podge your paper on. I apply a thin layer on the wood and smooth out the square over it and then after there all on apply a thin layer over top all of them.
Step 4: Let your Mod podge dry really least 12-24 hrs.
Step 5: Sand your edges if you want to give your board the "weathered" look.
Step 6: Transfer or Rub on your lettering
Step 7: Embellish with buttons
Step 8: Staple your ribbon on the back and tie it up into a knot!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gift of Appreciation

Another cute and easy gift to give a teacher this year. This one I made to go with the Hand Sanitizer for Carter's teacher! It was quick and fun to make!!

Gift of Appreciation

Items Needed:

1- 1x6x16 board
paint brush
sand paper
Mod Podge
Scrapbooking Paper
Sand Paper
Vinyl or Rub-On Lettering
Step 1: Sand your board thoroughly and then begin painting. I did several coats of the green because it was very thin!

Step 2: While your board is drying cut out your 3 squares that will go across the board. Cut them out and have them ready!
Step 3: After your boards is dry...Mod Podge the 3 squares into place. I then did a coat of Mod Podge over the top of all of it!
Step 4: Rub-On or Transfer on your vinyl lettering. The quote I put on says, " A teacher opens and mind and touches a heart!"
Step 5: Let your Mod Podge dry for approximately 12-24 hrs! After it is all good and dry embellish it with buttons...wherever you would like to put them!
Step 6: Take your Ribbon... ( I used extra from the Hand Sanitizer)..and staple it to the back of your board.
Step 6: Tie your ribbon in a knot so it hangs straight.
Step 7: Let everything dry thoroughly and then wrap it up and give it to your teacher! I promise she will love it!!!! :)

Friday, December 18, 2009


This is a simple but "wise" project! I have always loved this saying and wanted it somewhere in my house! So I put it together one day and this is what I came up with...super easy and quick!!

Wisemen Still Seek Him

Item's Needed:
1- 1x6x16
Paint brush
Sand paper
Vinyl or Rub- On's

Step 1: Thoroughly sand your board down. When it is all sanded you can begin painting it. Let it dry very well.

Step 2: After your paint has dryed. Take your rub-on's or vinyl letters and put them on your board.
Step 3: Embellish with your ribbon. I tied mine around the board underneath the words!
Step 4: Set it up on a shelf somewhere and Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


This is a easy, fun, and cute craft. I was wanting something to sit on a shelf at my house so I came up with this!!

Items Needed:
2- 2x4x4 blocks
2- 2x 4x6 blocks
Coordinating paint (Mine was mixed to a "periwinkle" blue and a "baby" blue)
Vinyl or Rub-on Letters (Snow & Mistletoe)
Paint Brush
Sand Paper or Block
Step 1: Sand your 4 blocks thoroughly.
Step 2: Paint your 4 blocks the colors you chose and let them dry very well.
Step 3: After your blocks have dried you can sand your edges to give them the "old & weathered look"
Step 4: Rub-on your letters Snow and Mistletoe go on the "bigger" blocks and the & and the snowflakes on the "smaller" blocks.
Step 5: Add embellishments (buttons) on your blocks.
Step 6: Stack the blocks as shown below and tie ribbon around them and tie off with a knot on top!
Then you have a super cute "winter/Christmas" craft to put on a shelf or table!! :)

ENJOY!!! =)

Monday, December 14, 2009

~Mike & Ike Bracelets~

So fun and so easy. These are a great gift idea for any cute little kiddo. It is candy and it is edible!
Mike & Ike Bracelets

Item's needed:

Mike & Ike's
Stretchy String
A Needle

Step 1: Take your needle and string your stretchy string throught he eye of the needle. Be sure to tie a knot at the opposite end so that the candy doesn't fall off.

Step 2: String on the candy....stick the needle through the center of the mike and ike. *Caution your needle will get very sticky and you may have to wash it half way through stringing the candy!! :)

Step 3: Tie the ends together to make what ever size you need for the bracelet. Package them in cute little celophane bags with ribbon and give them to any little kiddos you want. Our nieces and nephews loved them!! :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

M&M Christmas Story

This is one of my favorite Christmas poems and of course I love the M&M's! :) It is a simple, cute, and tells the story of Christ's birth! I decided to make a bunch for friends and family this year!!

M&M Christmas Story

Item's Needed:

Cellophane bags of your choice
Poem typed out on paper
Scrapbooking paper

Step 1: Type out your poem on your computer and print out however many copies you will need. I cut them out and glued them to a cute christmas Scrapbooking paper..but you can have it be just the regular paper! Your choice!! Here is the poem:

M&M Christmas Story

As you hold these candies in your handand turn them, you will see...The M becomes a W, an E and then a 3.They tell the Christmas storyIt's one I'm sure you know.It took place in a stablea long, long, time ago.The E is for the Eastwhere the star shone "O" so bright.The M is for the Mangerwhere the baby Jesus slept that night.The 3 is for the Wisemenbearing gifts, they say they came.W is for the Worship, HallelujahPraise to His name.So as you eat these candies or share them with a friend,remember the Spirit of Christmasand never let it end!!

Step 2: Pour about 1 cup of M&M's into all your cellophane bags. ( We got our M&M's from Costco!)

Step 3: Using your ribbon....tie all of the bags and tie the poem to the bag!

Step 4: Hand them out to all your wonderful family and friends!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

~Keep the Classroom Germ Free!!~

So I came across this super cute idea somewhere but cannot remember the website for the life of me! But it is so cute and I wanted to share the easy gift idea for a teacher. With Christmas just around the corner it is easy, quick, and practical! Especially in this cold/flu season!! :)

Decorative Hand Sanitizer

Item's Needed:
1 bottle of Hand sanitizer (pump kind)
1 sheet of stickers
3-4 strands of ribbon approx 6-8 inches each.
Goo-Be Gone or something similar

Step 1: Remove the front sticker on the Hand Sanitzer bottle...there will be lots of stick left so this is where the goo-be-gone comes in. I used an adhesive remove and it worked great!! Rub it on and scrap of the extra stick so you have a clear clean front to your bottle like this:

Step 2: After the bottle is all clean...take your three strands of ribbon and tie them around the cap of the bottle where the pump screws so:

Step 3: Next take your stickers and put them on the front of the bottle to decorate it. You can do a few stickers or just one whatever you chose!!

There you have it! A very easy and cute gift for your kiddos teachers. You can also do a Christmas themed bottle or anytime you want!!! ENJOY =)

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Here is a easy peasy craft that takes a few minutes. Nothin super fancy but I thought it was fun and cute! Could also make a cute gift for a teacher of for anyone for that matter!! :)

Happy Holiday Block

Items you will need:

1- 2x4x4 block
1 piece of ribbon approx. 20-22 inches long
Paint brush
Vinyl or Rub On Saying
Sand paper
Button or Embellishment!

I also don't have step by step pictures but I do have directions. :)

Step 1: Sand your block well. Paint your block with color of choice

Step 2: Once your block drys. Rub on your vinyl or saying of choice to the front of the block

Step 3: Take your ribbon and tie a bow or knot on top of your block

Step 4: Glue a button or any other embellishment that you want. In this case
I used a button for the "I" in Holiday!!
And WAHOO you are done!! It is truly that easy! Cute and fun for decor on a desk for a teacher or a cute block to set on a shelf in your house!! ENJOY!! :)

*Note my Vinyl cut to big for this I had to remake it and do the vinyl smaller!! :)*


Christmas time is here and so is the time to do some Christmas Crafts, gifts, and have fun!!! Here is super cute craft I found over at (Little Birdie Secrets)!


Items you will need:
2- 4x4x4 blocks
1- 2x4x8
Paint brush
Christmas Scrapbooking Paper
Vinyl or Rub On Letters of Numbers & Word "countdown"
Mod Podge

* The Numbers you will need for the blocks are:
Block 1: 0,1,2,3,4,5
Block 2: 0, 1,2,6,7,8

I don't have pictures of the step by step of this project but I will describe step by step of what to do.

Step 1: Sand your 3 blocks of wood... Paint all 3 blocks. You can paint them all the same or paint them different. On mine I painted the 2 blocks for the numbers cream and the bottom block a green grass color.

Step 2: While your blocks dry. Cut out your scrapbooking paper to fit on your blocks. I left a small border around the edge so you can see the block. You will need 6 squares for the 2 blocks with numbers and 1 long rectangle for the block with "countdown".

Step 3: Take your Vinyl or Rub on lettering and numbers and put them on the squares...making sure to keep the right numbers for the right block.

Step 4: Your other blocks should be dry. You can sand the edges a bit if you would like or just leave them. Paint a thin layer of mod podge on one side of the block and place a square with the number on it on the block. Be sure to press firmly and keep the air bubbles out. Continue to do this on 5 of the sides of each block..and on the countdown block as well!

Step 5: Then paint a healthy layer... (Not super thin but not really thick either) over the squares of scrapbooking paper with your numbers. Set the block somewhere to dry. I let mine dry for at least 12 hours before doing the last number on the bottom.

Step 6: Let everything dry very well before stacking them! You will then have a super easy super fun countdown to set somewhere in your home!! ENJOY :)