Thursday, December 10, 2009

M&M Christmas Story

This is one of my favorite Christmas poems and of course I love the M&M's! :) It is a simple, cute, and tells the story of Christ's birth! I decided to make a bunch for friends and family this year!!

M&M Christmas Story

Item's Needed:

Cellophane bags of your choice
Poem typed out on paper
Scrapbooking paper

Step 1: Type out your poem on your computer and print out however many copies you will need. I cut them out and glued them to a cute christmas Scrapbooking paper..but you can have it be just the regular paper! Your choice!! Here is the poem:

M&M Christmas Story

As you hold these candies in your handand turn them, you will see...The M becomes a W, an E and then a 3.They tell the Christmas storyIt's one I'm sure you know.It took place in a stablea long, long, time ago.The E is for the Eastwhere the star shone "O" so bright.The M is for the Mangerwhere the baby Jesus slept that night.The 3 is for the Wisemenbearing gifts, they say they came.W is for the Worship, HallelujahPraise to His name.So as you eat these candies or share them with a friend,remember the Spirit of Christmasand never let it end!!

Step 2: Pour about 1 cup of M&M's into all your cellophane bags. ( We got our M&M's from Costco!)

Step 3: Using your ribbon....tie all of the bags and tie the poem to the bag!

Step 4: Hand them out to all your wonderful family and friends!!!

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