Monday, December 14, 2009

~Mike & Ike Bracelets~

So fun and so easy. These are a great gift idea for any cute little kiddo. It is candy and it is edible!
Mike & Ike Bracelets

Item's needed:

Mike & Ike's
Stretchy String
A Needle

Step 1: Take your needle and string your stretchy string throught he eye of the needle. Be sure to tie a knot at the opposite end so that the candy doesn't fall off.

Step 2: String on the candy....stick the needle through the center of the mike and ike. *Caution your needle will get very sticky and you may have to wash it half way through stringing the candy!! :)

Step 3: Tie the ends together to make what ever size you need for the bracelet. Package them in cute little celophane bags with ribbon and give them to any little kiddos you want. Our nieces and nephews loved them!! :)

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