Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Advent Calendar....

Is that time of Season!! The time to start a countdown to Christmas!! My kiddos are so excited to start pulling a number down each day to see what is inside!! :) This is a simple and fun advent calendar!! Here is how to make it:
{Christmas Advent}
Item's Needed:
1- Mini muffin pan (4.00 at Walmart)
24- different "christmas" fun things to do
Christmas Scrapbooking Paper
Solid colored Cardstock
Glue stick
Magnet Strips
Vinyl or paper Numbers 1-24
Candies of some Kind!

Step 1: Take your list of 24 fun things to do before Christmas and type them out on a word program. Print them and cut them into small strips and fold. Some examples of things to do: Take treats to a neighbor or friend, Sing Christmas songs, Make Sugar Cookies, Put up Christmas Decor, Drink Hot Cocoa.....Etc.
Step 2: Take your folded strips and put 1 in each muffin hole. I did mine kind of according to our month plans and did some of them closer to Christmas then others...Just FYI!
Step 3: Take your colored cardstock and cut 2 1/4 squares out.....then cut the Christmas paper at about 2x 2.
Step 4: I rounded all the corners of all the squares. So you can if you would like to :)
Step 5: Take your gluestick and glue all of your papers together and Ink them up!
Step 6: Next take your magnet strips and cut small 1/4 in pieces off.
Step 7: Stick 2 magnets on the top/bottom or sides of the square.
Step 8: My favorite step! Embellish your little squares!! I used buttons, little Christmas-y stickers and tags and little stick on jewels!!

Step 8: Take your vinyl or paper numbers and apply them to the squares.

Step 9: Place in your candies of choice. I used small M&M's, skittles, Hershey Kisses and such to fill the holes. So each day they take one of and get a little treat and get to do something Christmas-y!! Save your squares in a ziploc and use it next year!! ENJOY! :)
{Christmas Advent}

Monday, November 22, 2010

{Gobble} Winner!!!

I asked and NUMBER 5 Wins today!! So Malinda wins!!
I will get them to you ASAP!!! Thanks to all my wonderful readers and especially commenters. I love reading comments from people and knowing that someone is actually looking!! Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!! Remember that we all have lots of things to be thankful for!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

{Gobble} Giveaway...

It has been {forever} since I did a giveaway!! SOOO just in time for Turkey Day I thought I would give away this super cute Turkey Clips I made the other day!! They are soo fun and my little miss wore them to church and everybody loved them!!
What do you think?!?!

Super Cute huh?!? I love them!! SOO to win this is what you have to do:
1) Give me your Name
2) Become a Follower if you already are not one!
3)Tell me your favorite thing about Thanksgiving
4) Leave your email in the comment or else you can't win!
If you don't leave an email how can I contact you?! :)
Lastly, Have a great Thanksgiving! I will be announcing the winner tomorrow around 2 o'clock!!


Friday, November 19, 2010

Gobble Gobble...

I found this super cute turkey online...when I was looking for a turkey image and this came up so whovever created this, kudos! I LOVE it!! :) So this sweet little turkey is so easy to make and you need very little supplies! Here is how to do it:

{Gobble Gobble}
Item's Needed:
1- 2 x4x4
1- end of a paint stick
5-6 jumbo craftsticks cut in half
Mod Podge
Brown Paint
Fall Paper
Paint Brush
Small piece of ribbon
Small square of felt
1- nose & 1-gobbler out of paper
Distressing Ink or Ink pad
Step 1: Paint your paint stick end and 2x4 with your tan paint
Step 2: While the other is drying lay out your sticks to see how many you need
Step 3: Trace them onto different fall paper and cut them all out
Step 4: Mod Podge the papers to the craft sticks
Step 5: Sand and Distress your block/head and feathers
Step 6: Tie a ribbon bow around the middle of the paint stick/the body!
Step 7: Mod Podge the body to the block!
Step 8: Using a razor blade "shave" down the edges of the feathers and sand them to blend together.
Step 9: Using a little bit of red distressing ink...sponge a small amount on a napkin and dab it onto the cheeks of the turkey. Then distress and mod podge the nose and gobbler on. Using black paint dot two dots for eyes.
Then you can add and dot of white to :)
Step 10: Mod podge the feathers onto the back of the block!
Step 11: Cut a small square of felt and glue to the back of the turkey to cover up the ends of the crafting sticks :)
Step 12: Set him on a shelf...a cabinet...a mantle wherever you want! HE is super cute!!
{Gobble Gobble}

Friday, November 12, 2010

{Thanksgiving} Debut....

I finally got all my Thanksgiving decor out and about and thought I would give you a "Tour" of what I have out this year!! :) Here is a look at what we are going with this Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving sign on a shelf! This tutorial is on the right side bar under "Thanksgiving"
My Give Thanks board....One of my Fave's!! :) Tutorial is found below this post!Thankful Jar!! More on this this weekend :)
My front entry shelf. This is the "main" decor spot of my house! I love this shelf and love that people see it when they first walk in!! It is equipped with all fall and Thanksgiving type decor! My Fall and berry flower bunch...found at Walmart last year for $2. My HOME set that has a different "O" for each month! Also one of my faves!!! Then my obsession right now...HURRICANE JARS!! :)
Here is a better pic of what is in them! First PUMPKINS!! $3 a box of the beaded pumpkins at Walmart on clearance...also a strand of "berry garland" from Walmart on clearance as well...It was a long strand so I cut some of it down to put in my jars! :) Also rocks/ pinecones/and leaves!! LOVE THEM!
{Thanks} sign! Another fave!!! Accompanied by some beaded pumpkins and a few pinecones!
Give Thanks Blocks!!! :) Tutorial is on the right bar under "Thanksgiving"!
Count your Blessings Hanging Blocks!!! Tute on the right side of my blog also!
More Fall Decor.. I made this 3 years ago with my momma!!
One of my FAVE wreaths!! Tute on the sidebar!
AND...last but not least my Pumpkin Patch outside on my bench! I removed all the "Halloween" vinyl and walla it is good for another month!! :)

{Thanksgiving Debut}

Monday, November 8, 2010

{Give Thanks}

To say that I {love} wood crafts would be an understatement!! :) So of course I am going to whip out a Thanksgiving board of some sorts!! This was super easy and fun! Here is how I did it:
{Give Thanks}
Item's Needed:
1- 1x 16 board or any piece of wood would work!
Paint Brush
Ink/Distressing Ink
Vinyl "Give Thanks"
Step 1: Take your board and paint it with your color of choice. Today mine was Hunter Green with Goosefeather mixed.. Then I streaked it with the Hunter Green!
Step 2: After your board dries you can begin sanding. Weather them edges up!Step 3: Take your "Distress Ink" or Ink pad for the I mean frugal ones like me and Ink it up!

Step 4: Apply your vinyl lettering.

All Done!!
Using a stand set it up somewhere with some awesome 2 dollar garland or other little "fallish" "thanksgiving" items!! Have fun!!! :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010


It's the Month of {thanks}!! We have so many things to be thankful for in our lives!! I made this little framed {thanks} as a reminder!! So simple and fun! I made it with things I had here at home :) Here is how I did it!
Item's Needed:
Frame of some kind!! Mine was .50 from DI
Black Paint
Foam letters
Felt (Cream)
Glue Gun/Glue
Step 1: Take your glass out of your frame. Using your foam letters or whatever you choose spell out {Thanks} in the center of the glass!

Step 2: Take your burlap and measure/ cut a square piece out to fit behing the glass.
Step 3: Take your cream felt and cut out "flowers" and stack them up. I did 3 different sizes.
Step 4: Using your glue gun. Glue the "flowers" to the corner of the frame!

TA-DA!!!! I love it!! The frame is somewhat ugly but I love it's character to!! I plan to use it for another craft after Thanksgiving is over!! :)