Friday, November 19, 2010

Gobble Gobble...

I found this super cute turkey online...when I was looking for a turkey image and this came up so whovever created this, kudos! I LOVE it!! :) So this sweet little turkey is so easy to make and you need very little supplies! Here is how to do it:

{Gobble Gobble}
Item's Needed:
1- 2 x4x4
1- end of a paint stick
5-6 jumbo craftsticks cut in half
Mod Podge
Brown Paint
Fall Paper
Paint Brush
Small piece of ribbon
Small square of felt
1- nose & 1-gobbler out of paper
Distressing Ink or Ink pad
Step 1: Paint your paint stick end and 2x4 with your tan paint
Step 2: While the other is drying lay out your sticks to see how many you need
Step 3: Trace them onto different fall paper and cut them all out
Step 4: Mod Podge the papers to the craft sticks
Step 5: Sand and Distress your block/head and feathers
Step 6: Tie a ribbon bow around the middle of the paint stick/the body!
Step 7: Mod Podge the body to the block!
Step 8: Using a razor blade "shave" down the edges of the feathers and sand them to blend together.
Step 9: Using a little bit of red distressing ink...sponge a small amount on a napkin and dab it onto the cheeks of the turkey. Then distress and mod podge the nose and gobbler on. Using black paint dot two dots for eyes.
Then you can add and dot of white to :)
Step 10: Mod podge the feathers onto the back of the block!
Step 11: Cut a small square of felt and glue to the back of the turkey to cover up the ends of the crafting sticks :)
Step 12: Set him on a shelf...a cabinet...a mantle wherever you want! HE is super cute!!
{Gobble Gobble}


  1. u should go in to decorating...everything is so amazing :) your house looks so warm and cozy. Perfect for the holidays!
    ~luv U