Monday, November 8, 2010

{Give Thanks}

To say that I {love} wood crafts would be an understatement!! :) So of course I am going to whip out a Thanksgiving board of some sorts!! This was super easy and fun! Here is how I did it:
{Give Thanks}
Item's Needed:
1- 1x 16 board or any piece of wood would work!
Paint Brush
Ink/Distressing Ink
Vinyl "Give Thanks"
Step 1: Take your board and paint it with your color of choice. Today mine was Hunter Green with Goosefeather mixed.. Then I streaked it with the Hunter Green!
Step 2: After your board dries you can begin sanding. Weather them edges up!Step 3: Take your "Distress Ink" or Ink pad for the I mean frugal ones like me and Ink it up!

Step 4: Apply your vinyl lettering.

All Done!!
Using a stand set it up somewhere with some awesome 2 dollar garland or other little "fallish" "thanksgiving" items!! Have fun!!! :)

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