Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter/Spring Topiary..

I have seen alot of topiaries around at many craft stores and I love them...but I dont love there price! :) So I came up with a way to make it and it is really quite inexpensive. Total cost- $1 for the bucket (target), styrofoam ball 1.50, JellyBeans 1.00, grass 1.00, tulle 1.00/yd, wooden dowel 50 cents, other styrofoam piece 1.50, and the ribbon I already had. So about 7-8 bucks!! I can so handle that!! So here is how I did it!!

{Easter/Spring Topiary}
Item's Needed:
1- styrofoam ball
1- approx 12'x12' square of tulle
1- small metal bucket (target dollar spot)
1- bag of jelly beans
15-20inches of coordinating ribbon
Some Easter grass
1-wooden dowel
1-styrofoam square or piece for the bottom
Hot Glue Gun/lots of gluesticks!!
( I will warn this project takes some time! Have to glue jelly beans on one by one!)
Step 1: Take your styrofoam ball and your wooden dowel...push your dowel
down inside the styrofoam ball a ways. It is hard to push it in and I had to hot
glue it to get it to stay in.
Step 2: Take your tulle of choice and wrap it around your styrofoam ball like so...
Step 3: Take your ribbon and tie it around the base of the styrofoam ball on the dowel..like so...
Step 4: Take your styrofoam piece depending on what size you have you may have to cut it in half. I used a piece I already had so I had to make it fit!! :)
Step 5: Cover it all with your grass..
Step 6: you dont have to do this step but I am a little crazy about color and order so I
seperated the jelly beans into little bowls.
Step 7: Start glueing...I had no certain pattern just tried to get all different colors everywhere
and to fill in all the holes...(which is impossible but it still looks cute!)
Step 8: Keep going....
and going...
Step 9: After they are all glued on how you want...take it and stick it down into the styrofoam/grass in the bucket. I had to one again use hot glue..that puppy was pretty heavy with all the jelly beans on it!! :)
Step 10: Set it on your shelf/stand with the other decor and admire!!
So cute!!
I LOVE IT!! I walk by it alot and it looks so perfect with the other decor! I love being frugile!
{Easter/Spring Topiary}

Monday, March 29, 2010

circle spring bows...

Here is the tutorial for the circle spring bows in the giveaway!! They are really simple to make!! Have fun with it. If any of you make these...send me some pics so I can see what you came up with! HAPPY SPRING!!
{circle spring bows}
Items Needed:

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Bow Winners

So I asked random generator who the 2 lucky winners of this beauty should be,

It told me number 2 and number 5!! So Cindy and Teri are the lucky winners of this giveaway! Contact me at sweetie8310@hotmail with your addresses and I will get them sent to you!!


I am off to a getaway weekend with my hubs!! Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Giveaway...

This Spring Fever is gettin to me and I wanted to give something away to 2 of my wonderful followers!!! I was messing with fabric and felt this afternoon and came up with these beauties:

What do you think? I honestly want to know...would you let your daughter wear them?!
You can win one of these hair bows by doing the following:
1. Be a Follower...if you currently aren't...click on the followers "become a follower"
over on the right side to do so.
2. Tell me your favorite thing about SPRING/EASTER
3. Tell me what you think about the Bows!!

On Friday morning I will pick 2 Lucky winners who will be sent one of these:

{felt fabric bows}

lil' carrots...

I was looking for a cute/simple Easter idea for our little kiddos in nursery. I came across this a couple weeks ago and can't remember where I found it..but it is super easy and they will LOVE them.
{lil carrots}
Items Needed:
Ziploc Bags...I needed 12
Green Ribbon
Goldfish/cheetos...something orange
Step 1: Take your Orange item...Goldfish in this case and fill the bottom corner of a ziploc bag..not to full but a good amount.
Step 2: Gather your bag above the goldfish and cut the Zipper part and some excess off.
Like so:
Step 3: Take your green ribbon and tie it around to tie it shut..Tie it in a pretty bow..which also looks like leaves.
Like so:
There you have {lil' carrots}...the do look somewhat like little radishes..but I'm sure our nursery kiddos won't notice. They are chubby little carrots!! CUTE :)

{lil' carrots}

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Easter is just a HOP, SKIP & A JUMP away from being here. As you already know I {love} wood crafts...blocks, boards anything! So I had some extra blocks in my block box and decided to do an Easter {hop} set! So me and my momma spent the afternoon makin these beauties! They turned out so cute! I love them!! So here is how I did them:
Items Needed:
3- 2x4x4 blocks
Easter-ish scrapbooking paper
Letters H, O, & P
Tan Paint
Distressing Ink (in my case a stamp pad)
Embellishments (ribbon, flowers, & buttons)
Mod podge
Paint brush
Sanding block

Step 1: Take and paint your 3 blocks of wood with your tan paint
Step 2: After your blocks have dried really well...sand them down to give them the weathered look :)
Step 3: Measure and cut your Easter-ish paper into squares. I leave about a 1/2 in. border of wood around the paper. Distress your paper with your ink or stamp pad :)
Distress your blocks if you want to
Step 4: Mod podge your paper to the blocks. Don't do a super thick layer, it bubbles easily that way. Just do a thin layer on the block and lay your paper on...then press out all the air and make sure it is smooth :)
Step 5: Put your Letter H, O, & P on your blocks.
Step 6: Paint Mod Podge on the fronts of your blocks to secure it all.
Step 7: My FAVORITE step :) Embellish away. Buttons, ribbon, and flowers...whatever you want.

Step 8: Let them dry really well.
Set them on a shelf or stand and ENJOY. Aren't they super cute??!?!