Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Giveaway...

This Spring Fever is gettin to me and I wanted to give something away to 2 of my wonderful followers!!! I was messing with fabric and felt this afternoon and came up with these beauties:

What do you think? I honestly want to know...would you let your daughter wear them?!
You can win one of these hair bows by doing the following:
1. Be a Follower...if you currently aren' on the followers "become a follower"
over on the right side to do so.
2. Tell me your favorite thing about SPRING/EASTER
3. Tell me what you think about the Bows!!

On Friday morning I will pick 2 Lucky winners who will be sent one of these:

{felt fabric bows}


  1. I think they are way cute and different! I would totally let me daughters wear them! :) And I LOVE all the spring flowers that are popping up in my flower beds!!

  2. i'm a follower, LOVE the bows, and my fav thing about spring/easter is cadbury eggs! :)


  3. Dear Tara .. I would not let my daughter wear these .. Why you might ask? ... because i do not have a daughter ... HA HA HA I am so funny. But if i had a daughter you know right rootin tootin she would be sportin a Tara made original :) ... My favorite thing is RAIN !!!

  4. I dont have a daughter, but I have super cute nieces :) and I will have a daughter...hopefully sooner than later :) and my favorite thing is....gosh, sunshine :) and the rain i'm a conflicted soul

  5. Hey Tara,
    Love, love, love, your blog! You are so talented! I really like the bows. They are super cute because they are different! Not the typical hairbows you see on little girls. I love spring because we can actually get outside and play instead of being locked up in the house all day! :) The kids get to run some energy off!

  6. Love them Tara because like Teri said they are different. :) Love your blog and all your cute ideas. My favorit thing about spring is everything looks new, the flowers, the grass, the trees. Aww spring is my favorite!