Thursday, March 18, 2010

Easter Wreath...

Ohhh how I love Spring and all the BRIGHT colors!!! I just had to get to the Dollar store and see what they had hidin on there shelves. I found so many cute things!! Here is a craft/ wreath I put together for is only a couple weeks away already!?!? So I whipped this up today and its hangin on my door!! It is SO cute and easy!! Here you go!
{Easter Wreath}
Items Needed:
(All purchased and the Dollar Tree)
1 Medium-Large sized wreath
1- easter/spring spool of wide ribbon
3- bags of sparkly eggs (so cute!!)
Hot glue gun

Step 1: Take all the sparkly eggs out of their packages and cut the sticks off of them all. (There were large and small eggs there I got 2 lg pkgs and 1 small pkg)
Step 2: Wrap your easter/spring wide ribbon around your wreath.
Step 3: Hot glue your eggs to your wreath. I did 1 lg. 2 sm. 1 lg...etc.
Step 4: I had to do a bow because I was 2 sm. eggs short. But I like it with the bow!! :)
Step 5: Hang it on your front door or wherever your heart desires
Admire! YAY!!
{easter wreath}


  1. cute! You are so festive!and who knew the dollar store had it all!

  2. looks like i'm off to the dollar store today :) good thing I took the day off :) I was just looking around my living room thinking I needed some eastser crafts :)

  3. totally bummed! i couldn't find the larger wreaths-they were OUT. I had an extra one at home..its small, but I did it anyways! :) I'll send you some pics and stuff later on!! :)

  4. Hey what did you do to hang it? Did you just to a knot with the extra ribbon? I did not find a pic ... I am making it tomorrow :)