Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Easter is just a HOP, SKIP & A JUMP away from being here. As you already know I {love} wood crafts...blocks, boards anything! So I had some extra blocks in my block box and decided to do an Easter {hop} set! So me and my momma spent the afternoon makin these beauties! They turned out so cute! I love them!! So here is how I did them:
Items Needed:
3- 2x4x4 blocks
Easter-ish scrapbooking paper
Letters H, O, & P
Tan Paint
Distressing Ink (in my case a stamp pad)
Embellishments (ribbon, flowers, & buttons)
Mod podge
Paint brush
Sanding block

Step 1: Take and paint your 3 blocks of wood with your tan paint
Step 2: After your blocks have dried really well...sand them down to give them the weathered look :)
Step 3: Measure and cut your Easter-ish paper into squares. I leave about a 1/2 in. border of wood around the paper. Distress your paper with your ink or stamp pad :)
Distress your blocks if you want to
Step 4: Mod podge your paper to the blocks. Don't do a super thick layer, it bubbles easily that way. Just do a thin layer on the block and lay your paper on...then press out all the air and make sure it is smooth :)
Step 5: Put your Letter H, O, & P on your blocks.
Step 6: Paint Mod Podge on the fronts of your blocks to secure it all.
Step 7: My FAVORITE step :) Embellish away. Buttons, ribbon, and flowers...whatever you want.

Step 8: Let them dry really well.
Set them on a shelf or stand and ENJOY. Aren't they super cute??!?!

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  1. freakin LOVE these blocks...I dont know how you keep doing it...I love this kind of stuff. Thanks for all the tutorials...you are so CRAFTY!