Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter/Spring Topiary..

I have seen alot of topiaries around at many craft stores and I love them...but I dont love there price! :) So I came up with a way to make it and it is really quite inexpensive. Total cost- $1 for the bucket (target), styrofoam ball 1.50, JellyBeans 1.00, grass 1.00, tulle 1.00/yd, wooden dowel 50 cents, other styrofoam piece 1.50, and the ribbon I already had. So about 7-8 bucks!! I can so handle that!! So here is how I did it!!

{Easter/Spring Topiary}
Item's Needed:
1- styrofoam ball
1- approx 12'x12' square of tulle
1- small metal bucket (target dollar spot)
1- bag of jelly beans
15-20inches of coordinating ribbon
Some Easter grass
1-wooden dowel
1-styrofoam square or piece for the bottom
Hot Glue Gun/lots of gluesticks!!
( I will warn this project takes some time! Have to glue jelly beans on one by one!)
Step 1: Take your styrofoam ball and your wooden dowel...push your dowel
down inside the styrofoam ball a ways. It is hard to push it in and I had to hot
glue it to get it to stay in.
Step 2: Take your tulle of choice and wrap it around your styrofoam ball like so...
Step 3: Take your ribbon and tie it around the base of the styrofoam ball on the dowel..like so...
Step 4: Take your styrofoam piece depending on what size you have you may have to cut it in half. I used a piece I already had so I had to make it fit!! :)
Step 5: Cover it all with your grass..
Step 6: you dont have to do this step but I am a little crazy about color and order so I
seperated the jelly beans into little bowls.
Step 7: Start glueing...I had no certain pattern just tried to get all different colors everywhere
and to fill in all the holes...(which is impossible but it still looks cute!)
Step 8: Keep going....
and going...
Step 9: After they are all glued on how you want...take it and stick it down into the styrofoam/grass in the bucket. I had to one again use hot glue..that puppy was pretty heavy with all the jelly beans on it!! :)
Step 10: Set it on your shelf/stand with the other decor and admire!!
So cute!!
I LOVE IT!! I walk by it alot and it looks so perfect with the other decor! I love being frugile!
{Easter/Spring Topiary}


  1. I LOVE that!! It is so CUTE! maybe I will even make one if I have time.

  2. Too cute Tara. I wish I had an ounce of your creativity.:)

  3. they need to take you out of Nursery and make you enrichment leader...