Friday, March 5, 2010


Sad day! No {follower friday} today! If any of you have pictures of projects you have done with the tutorials off of A Lil of This & That send them to my email:!
So instead of a {follower friday} I decided I would do another St. Patty's Day decor tutorial!! This one is probably one of my favorites! I love how simple and cheap it is!! The only thing I had to buy for this project were the green {rocks} which are $1! Anyway...on to the tutorial...

Items Needed:
1- Micheals $1 frame
6-7 green rocks/stones
Green paint
Tan/white paint
Paint brush
Sanding block
Stamps or Vinyl/rub-on Lettering
2-3 different green/St. patty's day paper
Black ribbon
1 green button
Staple gun
Step 1: Take the center cardboard piece out. Then paint your frame with your green paint
Step 2: While your green frame is drying...paint the top/front of the cardboard piece white or tan. You may have to do a few coats because they are usually blue or dark green.
Step 3: You can sand down your edges and ink them up a bit. MY {favorite}!
Step 4: Hot glue your 6-7 green rocks in the form of a letter L
Step 5: Take your stamps/ rub-on vinyl lettering...for the EPRECHAUN
Step 6: Stamp them on the rest of the center tan piece I did my funky/cute!
Step 7: Take your green papers and make a cute clover for the right corner. Glue it all on with your green button in the center. (Tutorial coming soon for these beauties!)
Step 8: Tie a knot in your black ribbon and staple it to the back to hang it!
Hang it up on your front door or any door for that matter!
Step back and admire its absolute cuteness!!


  1. oh my heck!! i can actually do that today :) and its perfect to do crafts with all this stinkin' snow!! :) :)

  2. Where did you get your letter stamps??

  3. Heather- I acutally got them from the DI for 75 cents. But I know Micheals, Roberts and places like that have them!!