Monday, March 22, 2010


Easter is on its way and I am {loving} the spring and easter bright colors!! This is a super simple easter decor idea. I bet you wont have to buy anything for this craft!! :) Here it is:
Items Needed:
1-glass vase ( DI for 1.50)
1- pkg of plastic easter eggs
1- pkg of easter grass
Step 1: Take your easter grass and put some in the bottom of your vase, put a few eggs on top of it and then do more grass. Alternate until your vase is full of eggs and grass!!
Like so:
Step 3: Set it on a shelf and Enjoy!!

1 comment:

  1. I wanna do the easter wood thingy!! How did you do that?!?! Man, I LOVE your blog Tara!! It helps me so much!! My craft time has become such a huge stress reliever for me!! and you always come up with super cute stuff that super easy ;)