Wednesday, March 24, 2010

lil' carrots...

I was looking for a cute/simple Easter idea for our little kiddos in nursery. I came across this a couple weeks ago and can't remember where I found it..but it is super easy and they will LOVE them.
{lil carrots}
Items Needed:
Ziploc Bags...I needed 12
Green Ribbon
Goldfish/cheetos...something orange
Step 1: Take your Orange item...Goldfish in this case and fill the bottom corner of a ziploc bag..not to full but a good amount.
Step 2: Gather your bag above the goldfish and cut the Zipper part and some excess off.
Like so:
Step 3: Take your green ribbon and tie it around to tie it shut..Tie it in a pretty bow..which also looks like leaves.
Like so:
There you have {lil' carrots}...the do look somewhat like little radishes..but I'm sure our nursery kiddos won't notice. They are chubby little carrots!! CUTE :)

{lil' carrots}

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  1. I'm making these tonight!! My friends little ones will love 'em!! Thats much better than candy :)