Sunday, February 28, 2010


Another fun/easy St. Patty's Day wood craft. If you couldn't tell already I {love} wood crafts!! They are easy and add so much! So here is one I came up with one afternoon!!! :)
Item's Needed:
5 blocks- all were scraps just different sizes
1 sheet of green St. Patty's Day scrapbooking paper
Green & White paint
Paint brush
Sanding block
Letters I R I S H printed out from Microsoft or another word program
Step 1: take your 5 blocks and paint them all white
Step 2: Cut out your letters IRISH Step 3: Trace the letters onto your green St. Patty's Day paper.
Cut them all out!

Step 4: Ink/Distress Ink or my cheap way ;) stamp pad your letters!
Step 5: Take your green paint and your paint brush... put a dot of paint on the center of the brush and streak (I'm sure there is another word for that :) your blocks.
Step 6: Ink the edges a little bit
Step 7: Mod podge your letters onto your blocks, push them down firmly and make sure there are no air bubbles! :)
Step 8: Mod podge a thin layer on top of all the letters.
Step 9: Glue a few buttons on a couple of the corners of your blocks. Add ribbon if you want!
Step 10: ENJOY :)


Friday, February 26, 2010

Follower Friday...

It's {follower friday} again here on A Lil' of This & That. This weeks follower is one of my besties who LOVES to craft as much as I do!! She is awesome! This weeks {follower friday} is:


Here are some of the projects she has made using the tutorials from A Lil' of This & That:

Rock/Flower Vase!!
Her super cute recipe box....
10 Reasons Why I Love you book for Valentines Day! :)

All of her Valentine projects...which we did together :)
Super cute wreath!

Thanks for sharing your talent with us Jordy! They are all very cute!!

BTW!!! Today is Jordelle's Bday! Just wanted to give her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out!! Love ya! Hope your Birthday is a great one!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I'm lovin all this green goin on in our house!!! I had a bunch of extra blocks laying in a box so I came up with this small and easy craft!! I {love} wood crafts...and as "luck" would have it I always have tons of extra wood around!! :)

Item's Needed:
4- approx 4x4 blocks...a couple were 4x3 and 4x5
Green paint
Paint brush
Sanding Block
"luck" in rub-on's or Vinyl
Black Distressing Ink/ or Stamp Pad :)
Step 1: Paint your 4 blocks green...
Step 2: After your blocks dry really well....Sand your edges down to give it the distressed/weathered look!
Step 3: using your distressing ink or if you are cheap like me...your stamp pad and napkin :) and distress the edges and fronts of your blocks a bit!
Step 4: Rub-On or Transfer your vinyl "luck" letter per block.
Step 5: Add a tied ribbon to 2 of your blocks...I did the "U" and the "K".
Step 6: Stack them how you wish...
or stand them in a row?! :)
or set them on a shelf with your cut vase of green decor!!
**More St. Patty's day decor is in the works!!**

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

go green...(in a vase)

St. Patty's Day is right around the I thought I would bust out some green/st.patrick's day decor! This is easy....cute and affordable! :)
{go green} in a vase
Item's Needed:
1- glass vase/jar (DI always has some mine was $1)
1- pkg of green decor balls, potpurri, or something green
1- piece of 20-30 in. green ribbon
Step 1: Take your green decor (potpurri or green balls) I found my mix at DI for $1!
Step 2: Put your green decor in your glass vase/jar
Step 3: Tie your green ribbon around the outside of your vase like so..
Step 4: Set it on a shelf
Admire!!{go green} in a vase

Monday, February 22, 2010

Scripture Power!!!

Here is the tutorial for the Scripture Bags. My kiddos love these and they are the perfect size for them to carry! I found this on SugarDoodle and changed it a bit but I love them!! Enjoy :)
{scripture bags}
Item's Needed:
1-31/2 in by 5 1/2in. canvas tote
heat n' bond
emboirdery floss
Approx. 4x6 in. piece of fabric
Large Initial printed onto paper
Step 1: I used Microsoft Word and went in and enlarged the letter C in a cute font and then
printed it out on paper. Cut the letter out.
Step 2: Trace around your letter carefully onto your fabric of choice
Step 3: Cut out your Fabric letter
Step 4: Trace your fabric letter onto the Heat n' Bond and cut it out as well.
Step 5: Follow the directions on your heat and bond to bond your letter onto the front of your canvas tote.
Step 6: Take your emboridery floss whichever color that matches your fabric
Step 7: Sew around the edges of your letter to secure it extra good!
Step 8: Take different ribbon that matches your fabric and tie 4 to 5 pieces at the base of the handle.
Step 9: This is optional...I {love} buttons so I of course had to add some on the corner!
Here they are!! Scripture Power!

Scripture Bag Winner...

{Scripture Bags}

Most of you guessed right! My hint was pretty easy! :) I made these for my kiddos for the little Book of Mormons! They love them and they are just the right size for them!!

I went to to generate a number for the winner of one personalized {Scripture bag}
and the number it generated was:
So the winner is:
Let me know Cylista what type you want (boy or girl) and the First Initial and I will get it made for your little one!!!
Coming soon is the tutorial for this and some St. Patty's Day Decor!!!
Thanks to those who comment....your all sweet! Plus I know someone is looking! :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

What do you think these are used for??

Tell me what you think in the comments and have a
chance to win a personalized one for one of your kiddos!!!!
Here's a hint: They are used on a very special day of the week to carry a very special book in them!!! Good Luck!! :)