Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dinner for 2...

I wanted Valentines Day to be different this year.....normally my hubby gets me beautiful flowers and I get him a CD or Yankee Item and we have dinner somewhere. This year I made the dinner and made it with lots of twists and fun.
{Dinner for 2}
Items Needed:
you and your hubby
dinner of your choice
Step 1: Make up your is an example of what mine is can copy mine or you can make up your own my main dish is Carne Asada with Pico De of my hubbies favorites.
Hawaiin Breeze------Rolls, Lover's Delight------Spoon
Conglomerate-----Tossed Salad, Popeye's Friend-----Olives
Chip off the old block------Toothpick, Manure Spreader----------fork
Eve's Delight----apple juice, Cutting Edge--------------Knife
Dried Cube------Crouton, Hidden Sauce-----------Ranch (or other)
Jacob's Well------water, Underground Icicle--------Carrot
Brown Water-----pepsi, White Cloud------------Sour Cream
Triangles--------Tortilla Chips, Square------------Napkin
Good & Plenty----Carne Asada, Discs--------------Tortilla's
Rooster Tail-------Pico De Gallo, Jack Frost-------Ice Cream
Dirt---------Brownies, Vessel-----------Bowl
Platter-----------Plate, Cow Juice-------------Milk
Melt my Heart-----------Choc. Sauce
I split it all into 3 different courses and we are having a Candle Light dinner on Friday night just the 2 of us!! Hope this idea is something that will work for you wonderful followers of mine! I think it will turn out great!! ENJOY :)
{Dinner for 2}

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