Friday, February 5, 2010

23 Reasons Why I Love You!

I came up with a cute idea to do for my hubby for Valentine's Day..coupled with his other gift! I wanted him to know how much I love and appreciate him and all the hard work he I came up with the 23 Reason's Why I love may wonder why 23? Well that's how old I am so I picked that number :)
{23 Reasons Why I Love You}
Items Needed:
Approx. 6 sheets of 13x13 Valentine Scrapbooking Paper
White Cardstock
Embellishments (Buttons/Ribbon)
Hole Punch
3 ring binder clip (may have another name!)
Pictures (Optional)
23 Reasons Typed out on Paper
Circle object to trace
Distressing Ink (Stamp pad with Napkin if your cool like me!)
Step 1: Start by tracing circles all over your valentine paper. I used an old CD for these ones.

I fit about 5-6 circles on each paper.
Step 2: Do the same to white Cardstock...I did the white cardstock a little bit bigger..with a circle bowl I had.. so that the Valentine paper when glued on has a white border around it.

Step 3: Cut out all of your circles from both sets of paper! It's quite a bit of cutting!
Step 4: I distressed or Inked all the edges of the paper a bit and then glue all of your valentine paper to your white circles. Then go through and hole punch all of them to where they line up and are straight!
Step 5: The fun part...create your first page. Mine looks like this:
Here are some examples of what some of the circles look like on the inside...
I cut around all 23 reasons and fit 2 reasons per circle so the whole thing was super thick!
Embellish with different Valentine ribbon and buttons and cute sayings!
When you are done attach it with the 3 ring binder ring/clip.....and tie some ribbon on it!!! Then you are set to go!! Super cute and easy idea to show your honey how much you love him or her!
{23 Reasons Why I Love You}