Tuesday, February 23, 2010

go green...(in a vase)

St. Patty's Day is right around the corner..so I thought I would bust out some green/st.patrick's day decor! This is easy....cute and affordable! :)
{go green} in a vase
Item's Needed:
1- glass vase/jar (DI always has some mine was $1)
1- pkg of green decor balls, potpurri, or something green
1- piece of 20-30 in. green ribbon
Step 1: Take your green decor (potpurri or green balls) I found my mix at DI for $1!
Step 2: Put your green decor in your glass vase/jar
Step 3: Tie your green ribbon around the outside of your vase like so..
Step 4: Set it on a shelf
Admire!!{go green} in a vase

1 comment:

  1. Done :) I just did this one today. I promise that I will get you pictures! My fabulous hubby has agreed to let me have some "me" time on Thursday :)