Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine Airplanes..

Cute/Simple/Fun little Valentine idea for your kiddos. My little one LOVES airplanes so when I saw this idea on Family fun I couldn't pass it up!! It is very simple to put together and he had a blast helping unwrap candies, rubberband, and glue!
{Valentine Airplanes}
Items Needed:
Gum with a pink wrapper ( I used Cobalt 5, the pink berry)
LifeSaver Peppermint Circles
Valentine Bags
1 Sheet of Valentine-ish Paper
Fine Tip Marker
Step 1: Take 1 smartie, 1 rubberband, and 2 peppermint circles. Unwrap the peppermints.
Step 2: Take your rubber band and go through the centers of both mints.
Step 3: I found it is easiest to stick your finger through the rubber band on each side of the peppermints to keep them on. Seperate the peppermints and put the smarties in between.
Step 4: Stick the rubber band up around the gum to hold it all together on both sides.
Like so:
Step 5: Stick it (I did 2 per child. You have plenty of stuff when you buy the stuff in bags and pkgs.) I also cut the bag down a bit they are really tall bags.
Step 6: Make your little sign that says: "Soaring" in to tell you Happy Valentines Day". Cut a piece of the scrapbook paper. Glue the saying to the scrapbook paper. I glued mine at the bottom of the square so that I had enough to fold over the bag to staple!
Step 7: Staple the paper to the bag like so!
All done!! They are easy and so fun!! ENJOY!
{Valentine Airplanes}

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