Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Girlie Bracelets...

Little Sissy loves her pretties....and I couldn't be more proud!! She loves to wear and do all the girlie things! So...I was wandering in walmart and saw all there bead selection! I decided to make her a bunch of different colored "pretties" as she calls them!! Here is how I did it:

{girlie bracelets}
Items Needed:
1- pkg of clear beads (tall on right)
1- pkg of multi colored beads
Spool of Stretch Magic string
1-pkg of ends or fasteners
Step 1: Take your ends/fasteners and your stretchy cord..Step 2: Measure and cut the amount of stretchy cord you need...I made sure to have
extra to give me room to tie it and room to work with it.
Step 3: Tie your end to the end of the stretchy cord.
Step 4: start stringing your beads...I did different patterns for each one.

Keep stringing...Step 5: Tie your other part of the fastener to the opposite end of the string.
Step 6: Take and put it on your cute little ones arm!!
Step 7: Make a bunch of different colors to match every outfit! :) Love them!
{girlie bracelets}

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  1. ok girl...now when I come you have to teach me how to make these...PROMISE?