Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Alphabet Book...

My lil man is obsessed with his ABC's right now! I won't complain he loves to learn! So I decided to make him an ABC book that he would learn the letters with that associate things he knows and pictures of him and his family in them! So here we go!!
{Alphabet Book}
Item's Needed:
13-18 sheets of coordinating scrapbook paper
1 pkg of white cardstock
Letters A-Z typed out.. ex. A is for Animals...etc.
Distressing ink
Glue stick
Place to Laminate
Pictures that coordinate
2 rings to hold all the pages together
(not all pictured! sorry)

Step 1: Take your cardstock and measure it right in half and cut enough to have 15 halfs! 13- 2 sided for the letters and then a front and a back.
Step 2: Take and cut your letters out...I ripped mine and then I distressed the edges of them all.
Step 3: Measure and cut all of your scrapbooking paper. I did a different paper for each letter and did a pattern!
Step 4: Glue all your scrapbooking paper and letters to the white cardstock.
One side had the "A" and the other side (flipping it up like a book) had the "B"
Step 5: Print all your coordinating pictures and glue them next to the letters.

Step 6: Take in to Office Max or and office supply type store and get them laminated.. This can be spendy but will make it so the book lasts a long time!
Step 7: Line each page up and punch holes through all of them. Then connect with your rings!
Step 8: Tie on some coordinating ribbon and...
You are done!!! Let your kiddo/kiddos enjoy it! Perfect for church, learning and anytime reading!! :)
{alphabet book}

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  1. SO cute! I did a similar thing with my Kindergarteners...only I had them take the pictures of things that started with that letter! Way cute. They loved it.