Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I keep thinking if I do more and more Spring crafts maybe it will get here and stay?! I don't think its working but the crafts are dang cute!! Here is Spring craft up I came up with last night!!
Item's Needed:
1- old frame with 4 windows in it..or 4 small seperate frames
1- piece of springy scrapbooking paper
The Letters B, U, G, S in vinyl or rub on lettering
Green Paint
Paint brush
Stamp Pad/Distressing Ink
Paint brushes
Sanding block
Step 1: Take your old frame or seperate frames and sand them down a little bit.
Step 2: Paint your frame...i had to do about 3 coats to cover the brown.
Step 3: While your frame is drying take your glass and trace it on your scrapbooking paper.
Step 4: Cut out your four squares..
Step 5: Put your B U G S on each of them.
Step 6: Now that your frame is dry...sand the edges and give it the weathered look.
Step 7: Distress your edges with ink!!
Step 8: Put your glass & paper back into the frame.
Step 9: Embellish away!! My favorite part....
Flowers & of course {buttons}
also some Ribbon!! :)
Step 10: Stand back and marvel!! SOOO cute!
Set it on a shelf, counter, wall...wherever you want!!

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