Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Bouquet...

Here is a quick spring bouquet idea...using stuff I already had except for the flowers!! I love big bright colored flowers and they are there to greet anyone who comes in our front door!! ;) Happy Spring!!
{spring bouquet}
Item's Needed:
3 big bright flowers of your choice- you can get them for 2 bucks at Walmart
1- glass vase (used before for eggs/pinecones etc.)
2- small or 1 lg. bag of split peas
Step 1: Take your glass vase and pour in both bags of the split won't fill it up but maybe 1/3 of the way..unless you have a small vase. You can guesstimate how many you will need!
Step 2: Take your 3 bright colored flowers and stick them down into the split peas... I stuck them in at different directions.
Step 3: Set it on a bookshelf, stand, or table and ENJOY!! :)
{spring bouquet}

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