Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Advent Calendar....

Is that time of Season!! The time to start a countdown to Christmas!! My kiddos are so excited to start pulling a number down each day to see what is inside!! :) This is a simple and fun advent calendar!! Here is how to make it:
{Christmas Advent}
Item's Needed:
1- Mini muffin pan (4.00 at Walmart)
24- different "christmas" fun things to do
Christmas Scrapbooking Paper
Solid colored Cardstock
Glue stick
Magnet Strips
Vinyl or paper Numbers 1-24
Candies of some Kind!

Step 1: Take your list of 24 fun things to do before Christmas and type them out on a word program. Print them and cut them into small strips and fold. Some examples of things to do: Take treats to a neighbor or friend, Sing Christmas songs, Make Sugar Cookies, Put up Christmas Decor, Drink Hot Cocoa.....Etc.
Step 2: Take your folded strips and put 1 in each muffin hole. I did mine kind of according to our month plans and did some of them closer to Christmas then others...Just FYI!
Step 3: Take your colored cardstock and cut 2 1/4 squares out.....then cut the Christmas paper at about 2x 2.
Step 4: I rounded all the corners of all the squares. So you can if you would like to :)
Step 5: Take your gluestick and glue all of your papers together and Ink them up!
Step 6: Next take your magnet strips and cut small 1/4 in pieces off.
Step 7: Stick 2 magnets on the top/bottom or sides of the square.
Step 8: My favorite step! Embellish your little squares!! I used buttons, little Christmas-y stickers and tags and little stick on jewels!!

Step 8: Take your vinyl or paper numbers and apply them to the squares.

Step 9: Place in your candies of choice. I used small M&M's, skittles, Hershey Kisses and such to fill the holes. So each day they take one of and get a little treat and get to do something Christmas-y!! Save your squares in a ziploc and use it next year!! ENJOY! :)
{Christmas Advent}

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