Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Cards....

It is the wonderful time of year to be able to send and recieve Christmas cards. I always get so excited to see what cards I will get and love to hang them up. I usually tape them to my door (gasp)! Ya....Tacky! So I decided this year I was NOT going to tape them to the door! So I found a piece of scrap wood and some clothespins and threw this together!! Here is how I did it:
{Christmas Card Hanger}
Items Needed:
1- scrap piece of wood whatever size you want
3 different coordinating Christmas papers
Mod Podge
Paint Brush
Paint (your choice)
E6000 or any strong glue
Staple gun
Lettering or Foam Stamps

Step 1: Take your paint of choice and paint your board.
Step 2: Take your clothespins and trace them on the back side of your scrapbook paper.
Step 3: Mod podge the paper to the clothespins and let dry.
Step 4: While that is drying...go back to your board. This step is completely optional. I used a barn red and hunter green and streaked my board all up!
Step 5: Sand your edges all down and ink them!
Step 6: Using a razor blade trim up or shave the edges of your clothespins and ink them as well.
Step 7: Using your glue, I used E6000 glue your clothespins around your board.
Step 8: Take your vinyl or stamps or whatever you choose and write your "saying" on the board. I chose "Tis' the Season!"
Step 9: Staple your ribbon to the back of your board.
Step 10: Hang it up and pin up your Christmas cards. I may have to make a bigger one next year. My pins are all full!! But this is super fun and so easy!! :) Have fun!

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  1. I'm so making one for next year :) you amaze me chica :) you're so awesome :)