Sunday, December 26, 2010

Glitter Trees...

What a fun and MESSY project! We had glitter everywhere but I LOVE how these turned out!! You can do them in any color of glitter you can find!! Here is how you do it!
{Glitter Trees}
Items Needed:
2- (however many you want) Styrofoam cones
Glue/ Mod podge
Paint Brush
Paper plates
Step 1: Take you styrofoam cone and start by apply glue or mod podge onto it.
Step 2: Before that drys sprinkle glitter all over the glued area. (Use a paper plate to catch most of it if you can!!)
Step 3: Continue the first two steps until the trees are covered in glitter.
Step 4: Let them dry over night.
Step 5: Do it again if necessary. Mine I did 2 coats on and they turned out perfect!!
Step 6: Let them dry over night again! Then you can set them on the shelf or wherever you please!!!

{Glitter Trees}


  1. These are delightful!! That red glitter is brilliant - and I love the brown glitter on the balls!

  2. Thanks so much Amy!! You are to sweet!! By the way...Love your blog! Thanks Again! :D