Sunday, November 21, 2010

{Gobble} Giveaway...

It has been {forever} since I did a giveaway!! SOOO just in time for Turkey Day I thought I would give away this super cute Turkey Clips I made the other day!! They are soo fun and my little miss wore them to church and everybody loved them!!
What do you think?!?!

Super Cute huh?!? I love them!! SOO to win this is what you have to do:
1) Give me your Name
2) Become a Follower if you already are not one!
3)Tell me your favorite thing about Thanksgiving
4) Leave your email in the comment or else you can't win!
If you don't leave an email how can I contact you?! :)
Lastly, Have a great Thanksgiving! I will be announcing the winner tomorrow around 2 o'clock!!



  1. Jamie!! That's my name!! and I love the word thanksgiving!!!! I love that it reminds us all to give thanks :) :) and being able to be with my family, especially my dad now makes it all worth while for sure :) jmewamie_77 at the hot mail dot come

  2. I love thanksgiving and being with family and being reminded of what we are blessed with!! :) :)

  3. Teri is my name. I love thanksgiving because we are reminded to be thankful and also that I am able to be together with most of the fam.

  4. This Jo Horting, Tara these are soooooo cute! I saw Chloe wearing them on Sunday so here I am!!! Anyhow one of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is a tradition that we do before we eat we go around and we all say what we are thankful for. This always helps me to stop and remember that I am so blessed and to give thanks for those blessings!!!

  5. Malinda. I love being in the kitchen and baking with my family then enjoying a nice meal and talking about all the things we are grateful for.

  6. Marni from Sassy Sites! I love Thanksgiving because I am surrounded by my most favorite people... my family! OH, and I get to eat until I'm sick! :) I'm a follower of your cute blog!