Sunday, December 6, 2009


Here is a easy peasy craft that takes a few minutes. Nothin super fancy but I thought it was fun and cute! Could also make a cute gift for a teacher of for anyone for that matter!! :)

Happy Holiday Block

Items you will need:

1- 2x4x4 block
1 piece of ribbon approx. 20-22 inches long
Paint brush
Vinyl or Rub On Saying
Sand paper
Button or Embellishment!

I also don't have step by step pictures but I do have directions. :)

Step 1: Sand your block well. Paint your block with color of choice

Step 2: Once your block drys. Rub on your vinyl or saying of choice to the front of the block

Step 3: Take your ribbon and tie a bow or knot on top of your block

Step 4: Glue a button or any other embellishment that you want. In this case
I used a button for the "I" in Holiday!!
And WAHOO you are done!! It is truly that easy! Cute and fun for decor on a desk for a teacher or a cute block to set on a shelf in your house!! ENJOY!! :)

*Note my Vinyl cut to big for this I had to remake it and do the vinyl smaller!! :)*

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