Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gift of Appreciation

Another cute and easy gift to give a teacher this year. This one I made to go with the Hand Sanitizer for Carter's teacher! It was quick and fun to make!!

Gift of Appreciation

Items Needed:

1- 1x6x16 board
paint brush
sand paper
Mod Podge
Scrapbooking Paper
Sand Paper
Vinyl or Rub-On Lettering
Step 1: Sand your board thoroughly and then begin painting. I did several coats of the green because it was very thin!

Step 2: While your board is drying cut out your 3 squares that will go across the board. Cut them out and have them ready!
Step 3: After your boards is dry...Mod Podge the 3 squares into place. I then did a coat of Mod Podge over the top of all of it!
Step 4: Rub-On or Transfer on your vinyl lettering. The quote I put on says, " A teacher opens and mind and touches a heart!"
Step 5: Let your Mod Podge dry for approximately 12-24 hrs! After it is all good and dry embellish it with buttons...wherever you would like to put them!
Step 6: Take your Ribbon... ( I used extra from the Hand Sanitizer)..and staple it to the back of your board.
Step 6: Tie your ribbon in a knot so it hangs straight.
Step 7: Let everything dry thoroughly and then wrap it up and give it to your teacher! I promise she will love it!!!! :)

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