Wednesday, December 9, 2009

~Keep the Classroom Germ Free!!~

So I came across this super cute idea somewhere but cannot remember the website for the life of me! But it is so cute and I wanted to share the easy gift idea for a teacher. With Christmas just around the corner it is easy, quick, and practical! Especially in this cold/flu season!! :)

Decorative Hand Sanitizer

Item's Needed:
1 bottle of Hand sanitizer (pump kind)
1 sheet of stickers
3-4 strands of ribbon approx 6-8 inches each.
Goo-Be Gone or something similar

Step 1: Remove the front sticker on the Hand Sanitzer bottle...there will be lots of stick left so this is where the goo-be-gone comes in. I used an adhesive remove and it worked great!! Rub it on and scrap of the extra stick so you have a clear clean front to your bottle like this:

Step 2: After the bottle is all clean...take your three strands of ribbon and tie them around the cap of the bottle where the pump screws so:

Step 3: Next take your stickers and put them on the front of the bottle to decorate it. You can do a few stickers or just one whatever you chose!!

There you have it! A very easy and cute gift for your kiddos teachers. You can also do a Christmas themed bottle or anytime you want!!! ENJOY =)

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