Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wipe Case Cover

So I found this SUPER cute Wipe Case Cover idea on a few different blogs...I don't remember the names of them for sure! I have also seen them for sale at a couple of Etsy shops..but being the "frugal" person I am decided to try it myself. We do have a few upcoming little ones who are entering our families! So what better gift then a SUPER cute case of wipes with a package of diapers or something!!
Items Needed:
Approx. 1/4 yd. of material (flannel works great)
Small rectangle piece of batting to cover the top (Mine was no thicker then 1/2 in.)
2 yds. of Rick Rack or other Edging
Hot Glue Gun/ Glue
12- 14 inches. of coordinating ribbon
Embellishments (Buttons)
Step 1: Take your material and lay it flat/ color side facing down. Open your wipe container and lay it flat as well. Take a pen and trace around the outside of the wipe container...(I traced about 1/2 inche out around to give it enough to come up around the edges).
Step 2: Cut out around the lines you traced on the material...and then cut down the center so you have 2 pieces (A top and a bottom for the case)
Step 3:Trace or Cut around the top of the wipe case for your batting.
Step 4: Using your trusty hot glue gun....glue the batting to the top of the wipe case...(it does cover up the little snap lid that opens on top if you bought the Huggies brand case).
Step 5: Now glue your Top piece and Bottom piece of material on the case and glue snuggly around the edges of the case like so....
Step 6: Still with your hot glue gun...Glue your "rick-rack" or edging around the edges on top of the material.
Step 7: Continue this all the way around on the top part and bottom part of the case... (I started mine in the back and went around and met back up with where I started..then did the same on the bottom so they followed the same zig zag..If you know what I mean :) ).
Step 8: Take your ribbon and measure it to fit on top of the case. You can glue it on down the middle...1/4 down from the top or 1/4 up from the bottom whatever you chose to do!
Step 9: Take your embellishment A.K.A. your button/buttons and glue it on over the ribbon. I also did and 8 with my extra Rick rack and glued it under the button to add a little more texture!
Step 10: Enjoy your SUPER SUPER CUTE case and let everyone in on HOW EASY it is to make them!! ENJOY :)
Step 11: Go and make a Girly one as well...I made this for my little one! She will love it!!
Give as Baby Shower gifts or what not?!?
Soon to come the Baby Boy Shower gift I am putting together?!?! Maybe I will do a giveaway in the near future of one of these SUPER cute cases!! Keep your eyes open and be sure to comment!!

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