Wednesday, December 16, 2009


This is a easy, fun, and cute craft. I was wanting something to sit on a shelf at my house so I came up with this!!

Items Needed:
2- 2x4x4 blocks
2- 2x 4x6 blocks
Coordinating paint (Mine was mixed to a "periwinkle" blue and a "baby" blue)
Vinyl or Rub-on Letters (Snow & Mistletoe)
Paint Brush
Sand Paper or Block
Step 1: Sand your 4 blocks thoroughly.
Step 2: Paint your 4 blocks the colors you chose and let them dry very well.
Step 3: After your blocks have dried you can sand your edges to give them the "old & weathered look"
Step 4: Rub-on your letters Snow and Mistletoe go on the "bigger" blocks and the & and the snowflakes on the "smaller" blocks.
Step 5: Add embellishments (buttons) on your blocks.
Step 6: Stack the blocks as shown below and tie ribbon around them and tie off with a knot on top!
Then you have a super cute "winter/Christmas" craft to put on a shelf or table!! :)

ENJOY!!! =)

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