Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Baby Boy Gift/ GIVEAWAY!!!

Here is a cute/simple Baby Shower gift idea for a sweet little boy. You can also change a few things in it to suit a girl as well!!
Baby Boy Gift
Item Needed:
1- small crate (I got mine at walmart for 1.00)
1- Super cute Wipe Case
5-6 Diapers of any size
2 burp clothes ( I made mine with extra flannel I had)
1 set of Johnson's travel/diaper kit (Lotion, diaper rash cream, baby wash...etc..)
Tissue Paper (Optional)
Card for the New Little Addition and Mommy... ( I made mine out of scraps that matched the
blue and brown colors).

Step 1: Take your diapers/ burp clothes...and tie extra ribbon or matching ribbon around the centers of them to embellish them up! Take your crate...peel the sticker off the front of it...( A cute idea to add to the front of the crate would be the babies name if you already know it =) ).
Step 2: Arrange everything nicely in the crate.
Step 3: You can do it with or without Tissue paper...I did it with both and decided I liked the tissue paper in it!
Fill out your card and there you have it! Super easy/quick baby gift that they are sure to use and love!! :)

To win you need to leave a comment on this post...any type of comment. You have until New Years Day to comment and I will pick a winner who will get a boy or girl diaper wipe case..there choice..similar to the one pictured below!!! Good LUCK!!!

Hope you all have a fun and

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