Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Watch Over Me

I made this picture for my boys' room. They tend to have nightmares and singing primary songs and saying a prayer with them seems to calm them down really well. So I decided to do this picture so they could see it on there wall at all times. Super easy and quick!

Watch Over Me

Item's Needed:
1- 8x10 canvas (Walmart sells them 3 pk. for 2.00)
1 5x7 photo of your choice
paint brush
distressing ink

Step 1: Start by taking your canvas and painting a coat heavy coat on it.

Step 2: After the paint drys really well. Take your distressing ink ( I am to cheap sometimes
and use stamp pad ink and a napkin...still works like a charm!!)
Step 3: Glue on your picture and Embellishments.
Step 4: Stand back and admire it and then Hang it up in your kiddos room! They will love it! :)

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