Monday, January 18, 2010

Valentine GiveAWAY!!

{UPDATE}: Just a few more hours and I will pick a winner!!! Comment before it's to late!! :)

I'm feeling the {Valentine} spirit this week and wanted to do a cute giveaway for my ohh so faithful readers!! So here is your chance to win these {BEAUTIES}:

So here are the RULES!! You have to:
1. Leave a Comment on this Post.
2. Be a Follower on this Blog. If you aren't already..look to the right side and you can click on "sign in" or "Become a follower" something to that affect!
3. Tell me your favorite thing about this blog, or ideas of something
you might like to see on this blog!!!

This all has to be posted by 6 o'clock tomorrow night and I will pick a random winner!!! Have fun!!!! Thanks to all of those who follow and comment..your the BEST! :)

Just a Reminder of How cute they are and How cute they are on your Little One!!


  1. I wanna win :) :) I love your blog because your ideas are so simple and ALWAYS turn out so blasted cute :) :) They're things that simple mom's can do and they don't take all freaking week to go them. You can do them like during nap time :) :) :)

  2. Tara I'm so glad I saw you post about this blog. I always need a good craft idea! I love the bows they are addorable. I tried to get into making them but couldn't figure it out. :) Anyway you have some amazing ideas on here. I want to do your hugs and kissess one. I love it!!

  3. I love your blog tara! I'm definately going to be in need of some cute crafy ideas when we start updating our house! Some kitchen ideas/ master bedroom ideas sound good to me!!

  4. I LOVE your blog. In fact, I love doing your crafts. Ha Ha ... My house is much more decorative because of you. :) :)

  5. Hey I want to win.....pick me..... pick me.....hopefully it is not to late...hahaha...those are darling by the way...

  6. oh and PS....I just love all ur ideas...there is NO WAY i could come up with a cuter craft! You are the QUEEN!

  7. This blog is great! You really have some cute ideas. You have also done a great job at making it possible to follow your directions. Way to go!