Wednesday, January 13, 2010

{Cooked With Love}

I was in need of some more decor in my kitchen so I came up with this board!! It was fun and easy and adds just a little more to my kitchen!! Love it! :)
Cooked With Love

Item's Needed:
1- 1x6x16 board (Or whatever size you want)
Vinyl or Rub-on Quote "In momma's kitchen everythings cooked with Love"
Paint Brush
Sand Paper or Block
Embellishments of your Choice

Step 1: Take your board and paint a few coats of paint
(whatever color you chose) on it.
Step 2: Once your board drys thoroughly you can sand the edges and the board to
give it an "old and weathered" look.
Step 3: Rub-On or Transfer on your Quote
Step 4: Embellish your board with whatever you would like! I always chose
buttons! I LOVE buttons!! :)

ALL DONE!! Hang it in your kitchen and ENJOY :)

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