Saturday, January 16, 2010

{ "I SPY" Jars}

I found a couple of different ways to make these "I Spy" jars. I have seen them done in old water bottles, baby food jars, peanut butter jars, & with material and vinyl. They are super easy to make and lots of fun. My kiddos LOVE them!! Here is a tutorial for How I made them and what I put in them!!

{"I SPY" Jars}

Items Needed:
1- Jar or however you are going to make ( I had 3 extra Mason Jars)
Food Coloring
Little Gadgets or Small things (Odd's & Ends)
Hot Glue
List of Items
Ziploc Bags

Step 1: Take and Pour your rice into your jars, so you have the right amount of rice
measured out.
Step 2: Pour the rice into 3 seperate bags or just 1 however your making..
Put in roughly 5-6 drops of food coloring and zip it shut.
Step 3: Shake and move the rice around in the bag until the color is distributed evenly on the rice.
Step 4: Pour the rice out onto individual paper towels to dry.
Step 5: While your rice is drying. Find odd's and ends items to put into the jars. Ex. Buttons, jelly beans, screw, paper clip, piece of a straw, beads, penny.
Step 6: Type out or write out the list of what is inside each jar. (My kiddos are all about the same). Cut them to fit on top of the jar lid.
{I Spy List:}
A piece of Blue Ribbon, A purple circle, white thumbtack, Blue Jelly bean,
A paper Clip, A brown bead, A pink button, A penny, a piece of a straw, and a screw.
Step 7: Take tape of any kind and tape the lists to the lids of the jars.
Step 8: Your rice should be dry by now and you can put it along with the items inside the jar.
Like this :)
Step 9: Hot Glue the inside lid to the lid the screws on (Sorry no technical terms here :) ). Then screw it on quickly to the jar and make sure that it is very secure and can't be taken off!!
Step 10: (Optional) Embellish (My favorite thing to do!!) your jar with ribbon or buttons or
whatever you feel like! I hot glued the ribbon all the way around the edges!
Then tied a knot!
I continued the process with all 3 and they are set in the bag and ready to take to church.
They aren't to noisy....they can be when shaken really hard but to be turned over and around they are perfect!!!
* * The rice may stick a little after it has sat and all settled together....DON'T freak out like I did and think the whole project was ruined!! :) Just shake them up a bit and your back to normal!!! **
Hope you enjoy!! Keep your eyes open for a giveaway this week!!! Hope it's a good one for all of you! :)


  1. gall girl.> i love this are too talented and creative...

  2. I absolutely love your little projects!!!! As soon as my blasted life relaxes a bit, i'm going to do this project and a few others you've done recently :) :) Thank you so very much for sharing!!

  3. I love these!! Totally going to make them for my classroom!