Wednesday, January 27, 2010

valentine colors..

Here is a fun and easy idea to use for your kiddos or for a preschool craft or for just a fun craft for Valentines Day!! I used it with my kiddos for preschool and they all loved it and wanted to do it again and again!!

{valentine colors}
Items Needed:
Color crayons
Conversation Hearts
Paper with drawn hearts on it
Step 1: Have your kiddos or whoever is doing the craft color the hearts...I labeled mine with the different colors of the hearts I had. Then they colored it that way.
Step 2: When they finish coloring...count out the hearts for them to divide up according to color.

Step 3: Take your glue and get ready to glue the hearts on! I actually put the glue dots on there for them..(they are 2 and 3 year olds!) :)
Step 4: Have them use there ohhhh so cute chubby little fingers to push them on!!

Step 5: Let them dry really well and then hang them on the fridge or the wall as Valentine Decor!! My son still loves his!! HE is sooo PROUD!! :)

{valentine colors}
*To draw the Heart picture I used a heart cookie cutter and then did random designs around the edges of each one...then I scanned it and ran copies!!!*

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