Saturday, January 23, 2010

{stuffed with luv}

So I had extra felt from another project I was working on and this craft popped into my I made them last night and I think they turned out pretty cute. Nothin hard super simple and cute!!!

{stuffed with luv}

Items Needed:

2- pieces of felt (pink & red)
1- pkg. of white embroidery floss
Ribbon and Buttons

Step 1: Fold your felt in 1/2 and cut a heart out of it. Then open your felt back up and cut around the heart you just cut to get 2 hearts that are the same size!!
All the hearts...different sizes!
Step 2: Take each set of your hearts and sew around the edges with your emboridery sure to keep it nice and tight so the rice doesn't fall out!
Before doing the edges you can do an "XO" or "LOVE" or whatever you would like on one
side of the heart and then sew it up. I do different size stiches to give it "Spunk" :)

Step 3: Leave a small opening to be able to pour rice into it...I packed them semi tight so they had shape!

Step 4: Sew the hole you left open shut and be sure to knot it at the end!
Step 5: (Optional) Embellish your hearts. You can tie ribbon around it or sew buttons on or just leave them how they are!!! :)
After they are all done...
Set them on a shelf and admire!! So cute and so...
{stuffed with luv}

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