Sunday, January 3, 2010

Super Darling Tu-Tu!!!

I love Tu-tu's...I especially love them on my little one! They are so cute!!! SOOO I came across a couple of different ideas and ways to do this on other craft blogs..(I can't remember names..I need to write them down when I find them!)...but is the easiest way for me to do it.
Super Darling Tu-Tu!
Item's Needed:
Approx 2 yds of Tule ( I think that's spelled right!)
Sewing Machine
Step 1: Measure your elastic to the waist of your sweet little girl or whoever is going to be
wearing the tu-tu.
Step 2: Sew the two ends of the elastic together to make it a circle!

Step 3: Next you cut the strips of tule however long you want them. I folded my tule in half and cut along the fold. Left them stacked on top of each other then cut strips. If that makes you double the strips!
Step 4: When all your strips have been cut...take a strip of tule in your hand and pull it out until your hands at are the ends of it. Fold it in half and take the fold part in one hand.
Step 5: Slide the tule behind the elastic
Step 6: Put your finger through the tule and grab the opposite end tule and pull it through to make a knot.

Pull it tight..
Step 7: Continue that same thing all the way around the elastic until it is all done.
Step 9: Fluff it out and admire it's cuteness!!!
Put it on your little one and Enjoy!!
**Thanks to my sis who helped me tie and take pictures**

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