Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Valentines Day Wreath!

Love is definently in the air in our home and I love Valentine's day...especially for the Conversation hearts!! Love them!! Here is another cute and easy project to hang in your door or where you please for Valentine's Day!!! Enjoy :)

{Valentine Day Wreath}

Items Needed:
1- Grapevine wreath (go to the can usually find one and you can
take it apart and you can reuse it!!)
A small piece of wood or old sign (My sign came with the wreath the back side
says "Merry Christmas ;0)
Paint Brushes
Stamps/ Foam Stamps/ or Vinyl
Ribbon 1- thicker, 2-3 smaller Valentine-ish Ribbon

Step 1: Take your wreath....If you got it from DI or from a second hand sure to take everything off of it and have a clean plain grapevine wreath.
Step 2: Start wrapping your ribbon around the wreath..... until you have met back up with where you started. You can wrap it as close as you want or as far apart as you want. Just make sure that it is wrapped tightly so it will stay! :)
Step 3: Hot glue your ends to the wreath. I glued the first one down really well and then glued the other end to the first one... so it all matches up all pretty like!! :)
Step 4: Take your sign..or piece of wood and sand it down and paint it creme. Mine was already creme from the wreath I bought and it already had the small holes drilled into it for the wire!! This is the for sure way to go!! But if not..paint it creme and then drill 2 small holes one on each end for the wire to secure it to the wreath!
Step 5: I don't have a picture for this! Sorry :( But wire your sign to the is fairly easy to do. I also hot glued the sign as well to secure it really well!!
Step 6: Take your paint for the letters...I have foam letter stamps I can paint it on yourself freehand...use vinyl..whatever you would like!!
Stamp/Rub-On or Paint {Valentines Day} or whichever quote you chose to your sign.
Step 7: Take your smaller Valentine-ish Ribbons...I used 3 different ones. Take and cut 3 small pieces of each kind to tie on different spots on the wreath.
Tie them on!!
Step 8: Hang it up to dry...or leaving it sitting on the table whichever you prefer!
After it has dried...Hang it on your friend door for everyone to see!! Lovin it!!! :)


  1. ok that is cute! is that your hand writing? You have the cutest looks like it is vinyl because it is all perfect.

  2. I love it! I saw wreaths like that at the craft store yesterday and was wondering what could be done with it. :) Thanks for the good idea. Looks like I will be off to the craft store again today.