Thursday, June 23, 2011

Simple Reminder...

I need simple reminders in my life. Little sayings or little pictures or such to help me through the days that may be tough! So I was creating a vinyl quote for a friend of mine and after creating part of it I fell in love with it! So I threw in on a board and have it on a tile stand to see everyday! Here is what I did :)

Item's Needed:



Paint brush


Vinyl Quote

Black material



Step 1: Paint your 1x10x10 with the color of your choice. I used a tan color! Let it dry very thoroughly!

Step 2: Take your board and sand the edges down really well....using your ink you can distress it up! :)

Step 3: Place your vinyl on where you want and press it on.

Step 4: Make 3 rosettes out of your material of choice...I used just plain black material. Hot glue them on underneath the quote and glue the rhinestones on as well.

Step 5: Hang it up or put it on a tile stand and Enjoy!

Love it!! :) Simple Reminders....

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