Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Organizing Efforts...

Well Hello!!!! Whew it has been a long time since I have been around these parts!! :) I took a much needed break, I crafted here and there but really just lost my umph to craft and come up with new things! But anyway...I am back! I have some fun new projects and new ideas! So if I have anyone that even follows here anymore let me know your there!! :)

Lately I have been feeling really cleaning and maintaining my home. I felt so overwhelmed doing it all in one day, but didn't want to do it just this day or that day, with meetings and work schedules it was just crazy! So I came up with this handy dandy cute little dry-erase board that has solved me problem! :) Here is how I made it!! :)

Dry-Erase Organizing Board

Item's Needed:

1- cheap frame (Mine is from Walmart for $3)

Vinyl Days and lines to seperate



Hot Glue/Hot Glue gun

Step 1: Cut your vinyl for the glass....I just measured out for 6 different spaces and that guessed on the size for the lettering and lines. If you don't have the vinyl you could measure them out and draw them on the glass with a permanent marker and write in the days!

Step 2: Take the glass and everything out of the frame. Place your vinyl on the glass! Put the glass back in the frame and before you close it measure and cut a piece of burlap to put behind your glass. You could also do a cute paper or material behind it!! :)

Step 3: Close your frame and turn around! :) Make some rosettes out of burlap and using your hot glue gun glue them to the corner. If you want you can glue some buttons on as well!

Step 4: Take a dry erase marker and write in what you want done on certain days and hang it up on the wall :)


Monday- Dusting, Laundry

Tuesday- Organize and Clean (ex. Fridge/cupboards), Vaccum

Wednesday- Sweep/Mop, Rugs/Laundry

Thursday- Bathroom, etc...etc..

That way I was doing something each day and maintaining but not feeling like all I did all day was clean. I juggle it around if things come up and I just do it first thing in the morning so we have the rest of the day. I do dishes everyday and vaccum most everyday but you get the idea!! Hopefully that helps somebody out there to be more organized. It is hard being a working momma with meetings, life, kids and everything that goes with it and maintaining a home :) Good Luck!! :)


  1. Glad you're back in the crafty mood! I've missed you!

  2. LOVE this! Was actually thinking of doing something similar:)