Saturday, June 18, 2011

Graduation Gifts...

Well it is well past graduation but I thought I would share these for any of you who know someone who will graduate sometime and will need a gift! :) My baby sis graduated and then one of my YW from our ward! So I came up with a cute and fun little gift for a new dorm room or just as a reminder of there senior quote! Here is what I did :)

Item's Needed:

1- 1x10x10

Paint of your choice


Vinyl Quote



Hot Glue/Hot Glue Gun

Sand Paper

Step 1: Take your 1x10x10 and paint it with the paint color of your choice! :) While that drys well you can get your vinyl quote ready.
Step 2: After your board has dried very well take your sand paper and distress up the board and the edges.
Step 3: Apply your vinyl quote
Step 4: Make 3 medium sized rosettes and hot glue them underneath the quote. Also glue on the rhinestones to the rosettes.
Step 5: Wrap it in some cellophane with some cute ribbon and a coordinating card and give away! :) They will love it :)

My Sister's board- Her Senior Quote :)

A fun quote for our YW who graduated!! :)

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