Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Valentine Stacker...

I have been trying to use up a bunch of my scrap wood...(my pile is taking up a large section of the garage) :) So....I went out and looked at what I had and came up with this project! :) I love how it turned out...although the colors I'm still not sure! But it looks cute on my shelf!!! So here is how I did it!
{Valentine Stacker}
Item's Needed:
3 pieces of wood these are 2x2's I believe- 6in, 8in, & 10in.
Paint (3 colors)
Paint Brush
Vinyl words

Step 1: Take your 3 pieces of wood and paint them with your 3 colors of paint!
Step 2: Let them dry really well
Step 3: Using your sandpaper and ink...distress the heck outta them!! :)
Step 4: Take your transfer tape and vinyl and apply your words to the 3 blocks.
Step 5: Take your wire and wrap it twice around all 3 blocks and then twist it at the top.
Make little "swirls" on top (2) like so:
Step 6: Find a cute pic of you and your sweetheart, or your sweetheart kiddos and put it in the swirls :)
Set it on your shelf and enjoy!! :) {LOVE} it!!!!

{Valentine Stacker}

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  1. Love how it turned out! what a cute idea! Ever thought of just selling your finished projects?haha! I always love a good project, just can't manage my time as well I guess! Love all the ideas you give me though! Your awesome!