Tuesday, January 25, 2011

{Love} Tour...

I'm going to take you all on a virtual {Love} tour of the V-day decor in my house!! I don't have as much as I do for other holidays....But I love the pinks and reds!! So let's get started!!!

First stop...my fake mantel....my Fantel! (top of my entertainment center!) Here is the last V-day board I did a few days ago. It says "I love you a bushel and a Peck and a hug around the Neck!" Tutorial to follow soon!!! :)
Next is the other side of the "fantel". My valentine stackers {Love} them!!! Then a few stuffed hearts from last years V-day! Tutorial is on the right side bar of the blog :)
Hangin on my wall is this Super cute board!! I found this puppy at DI for a whole 50 cents!!! I was so excited when I found it!! :)
Then to my entryway shelf! My favorite spot to decorate!!! Filled with refurbished black candles courtesy of a yard sale!! The "Bee" Mine Set....some more stuffed hearts and a lovely filled hurricane jar!!
Hurricane jar...filled with Valentine candy corn!! I found it and had to have it :) So fun! Then some kisses in between and a white candle to top it off :) Sitting at the base are some more stuff hearts!!
"Bee" Mine set!! Love this set! The tutorial is a few posts below this!! So easy and fun to make :)
Candy corn covered styrofoam ball and a simple white candle with some red and pink ribbon around it.
My "HOME" set that I ordered from a lady!! The "O" changes out each month to be something different!! Lots of fun!
Next.....Hugs and Kisses! I made this last year around V-day!! Super easy and cheap...all 2x4's! Tutorial is on the right side bar of the blog!
{Love} blocks, also made last year for V-day!!! I love the brick red in it! Tutorial is also on the right side bar!!
My sweet hubby gave this to me awhile ago and it is so fitting for this Holiday!! :) Love it!!!
On our way out you will see this super cute refurbished wreath!! Tutorial on the right side bar of the blog under "valentines"
Hope you enjoyed our tour today!! Come again soon for the next Holiday!!!!
{Love Tour}


  1. very cute...josi will be wearing her Vday bows tomorrow and monday for v day! that we won last yr..the only thing I ever won! love it!