Monday, January 10, 2011


Chores can be boring, chores can be a punishment (to some)! But if you make it "fun" and with an inticement it seems to be more fun and done with less complaining!! kiddos have all pretty much reached the age of being able to help with simple things ie...dusting, helping fold laundry, cleaning up toys (organizing), making there own beds...and so on. So I had an extra piece of sheet metal and came up with this Chore Chart!!

Item's Needed:
1 piece of sheet metal
3- 2 sets of scrapbooking paper that coordinating ( Because I have 3 kiddos)
Circle clear rocks (for lack of a better term) They are pictured! :)
Mod Podge
Circle Magnets
Cliparts of the types of Chores
Word Document
Vinyl for their names
Dollar Items
Step 1: Lay your sheet metal down flat and measure how long you want each child's section of "Chores" to be! (See Pictures to see how I cut and laid them out)
Step 2: Trace your "Clear circle rocks" onto the 3 different scrapbook papers and cut them out.
Step 3: Using E6000 glue glue the front side of the paper to the back side of the will "magnify" it so it is bigger. After they dry E6000 the circle magnets to the paper and rock. :)

Step 4: Using Mod Podge glue all your scrapbook paper down to the sheet metal (pictured below)
Step 5: Also using Mod Podge glue your "chore clipart" to each childs chore section. The way I placed the vinyl is as follows. Their name was on the left side running vertical to their "section" if that makes sense. Then I did a "Done" section (shown below) where they put their magnets after they have completed the chore. Then I did a Points Section to the right of the chore Clipart.
Step 6: Now I implemented this from the IDEA ROOM blogspot and use it with my chore system and it has worked beautifully!! :) They have a SUPER card, AWESOME card, WARNING card, CONSEQUENCE card, and POINT cards. They get Point cards 1 point or 3 points (per chore) depending on how well they do the chore and if they were asked or reminded. The Super cards are given if they do their chores without being asked and if they do extra stuff. (They are not required to but it is a little incentive). Awesome cards are just to remind them how awesome they are doing :) Warning and Consequences are obviously them not completing and having to be reminded and reminded. I made these on a word document, printed them and had them all laminated. Each child has a little bag under their "Points" section and I will put there points and super cards in there at the end of the day. They always get SO excited to see how many they get and count them out! :)

Step 7: The Shopping Cart: A basket filled with odds and ends of Dollar Store items. Puzzles, coloring books, cars, babies, stickers, candy, fruit snacks and so on. I have used colored dots to "price" each item so they know how many points they have to have to buy something. Every Saturday they get to go shopping and purchase 1-2 things from the cart! They LOVE it!!! :)
Step 8: Hang it on your wall, pantry door etc as long as it is within your kiddos reach and each morning move their magnets to the chores they are to complete for the day. They do their usual teeth, get dressed, make bed stuff and then I add a few extras. Then I let them go check it out and remind them that I have moved their magnets so they are good to do them whenever. It has been a huge hit in our home. The kiddos LOVE to do it and best of all it helps there momma with little things and they are learning to help!!! Good Luck!!


  1. SOOOO cute! I love how you "just happened to have extra sheet metal lying around" :) Love it.

  2. I actually had this extra sheet from a "super saturday" project. I didn't do the project because it turned out to be somewhat lame and I didn't like it! So I saved it for whatever I could think of! :) Thanks! We love it to :)

  3. Where do you get the pictures for your chore chart?